A Note from the Albanian Festival Co-Chairmen:

We would like to share our heartfelt thanks to all of our Committee Members, sponsors, advertisers, volunteers, vendors, law enforcement officers, elected officials, guests, friends, family members and most especially our spouses because with out their support, we could not have put together such a remarkable Albanian Festival 2017.

We are very proud that our Albanian heritage lives on here at St. Mary’s Albanian Orthodox Church since our Community’s establishment 102 years ago. Your dedication and devotion gave us the energy we needed to showcase our Community to our friends and neighbors. We have become a large piece of the mosaic that makes up the City of Worcester and we are also proud Americans! Where else in the world would you see people of all races, creeds and colors celebrating the heritage of one of the smallest nations in Europe?!

We continue to keep our Albanian heritage alive through our faith, music, food, and dance while embracing America and all that it has to offer us. We encourage the next generation of young adults to get even more involved for 2019. Consider taking on a larger role of responsibility, and have your kids participate in all that our Community offers, such as our Teen Youth Group, Valle Tone Dance Group & our Religious Education Program. The kids are our future and we hope that they will still be at St. Mary’s baking lakror, kullure, and baklava for their friends and neighbors in 2033 when we will be celebrating Albanian Festival XXV!! We hope to be there celebrating with them too!!


Gregory Steffon & Franklin Zdruli – Albanian Festival Chairmen